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Breakfast Cereal

When you choose a breakfast cereal, it is important to consider the fiber, iron, sugar and salt content. Guidelines for these ingredients as well as specific brand-name suggestions for a healthy choice.
Available in English and Spanish

Breakfast: The Way To Start Your Day!

A healthy breakfast may reduce the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and tooth decay. This trifold brochure is packed with facts and tips for a healthy way to start your day!
Available in English and Spanish

Candy is Dandy… But Tough on Teeth

Did you know that teeth are harmed from the amount of time that sugar is in the mouth, not just the amount of sugar in the treat? This one-page flyer explains why this is so and gives suggestions to help reduce the risk of tooth decay when eating sweets. Also, suggestions for less harmful treats are given.
Available in English and Spanish

Food Choices for Healthy Teeth

Three-fold brochure describes how the food you eat creates cavities and what you can do to protect your teeth. Sample choices of food appropriate for children and adults.
Available in English and Spanish
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Happy and Healthy Celebrations

Ever consider providing healthful snacks or party favors at your child’s next school or child care celebration? Too many sweet snacks can contribute to obesity and cavities. This trifold brochure has many creative ideas on alternative snacks and party favors for your child’s next school or child care party.
Available in English and Spanish

Healthier Lifestyles

There are many opportunities in San Diego to lead a healthy lifestyle, including being active and making healthier food choices. Try these handouts!
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Physical Activity Opportunities in the following San Diego cities:
Chula Vista (West)


San Marcos

Healthier Menu Choices at Select Local Restaurants in:
Chula Vista


San Marcos

Healthier Menu Choices at Popular Chain Restaurants:
General Restaurant

Fast Food Meals For Under 500 Calories

Keep Teeth Strong: Eat Less Sugar!

Even if you don’t add sugar to your food, it is still easy to get a lot because many foods have sugar added as they are made. Also the sugars found naturally in food such as fruit and honey are no better for teeth than white table sugar. Easy-to-use table listing the sugar content of some favorite foods.
Available in English and Spanish

Snacks For Healthy Smiles and Healthy Bodies

This one page flyer is a great guide for both adults and children. Contains suggestions for low calorie, healthy-teeth snacks from four food groups.
Available in English and Spanish

Snacking…What’s in Your Cupboard?

Positive suggestions for snacks that you can keep on hand that promote healthy teeth. This
two-page flyer lists foods that your teeth would be better off without and suggestions to minimize the risk if you do eat them.
Available in English

Tart: Not So Smart… for Teeth

Sour treats and drinks can be refreshing but like sweets, these foods can cause cavities. This three-fold brochure explains how this can happen and suggests ways to avoid damage from acidic food and drinks. Acid and sugar content of some popular drinks are listed.
Available in English and Spanish

What’s In Your Cup?

Do you really know what is in that morning cup of java? Many coffee drinks are DOUBLE TROUBLE with high sugar and fat. This trifold brochure lets you know what’s in a typical drink, alternatives and calorie saving tips.
Available in English and Spanish