Dental Health

Many items can be downloaded and require Adobe Acrobat.Other items can be ordered through our office. Just call us at 619-692-8858

Caring for Your Teeth

This one-page easy to read brochure is illustrated with many pictures which describe correct brushing and flossing teeth, and tips for snacks and dental check-ups.

HPV and Oral Health

Handouts that discuss the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and its impact on oral health. Versions targeting dental providers and patients (available in English only).

Oral Piercings and Tattoos Bookmark

Bookmark that discusses the risks of oral piercings and oral tattoos, including questions to ask to make an informed decision. One 8.5×11 sheet prints one double sided bookmark in English and one double sided bookmark in Spanish.

Cavity Equation

Do you know how a cavity is formed? This single sheet illustrates how a cavity is made in an easy to read diagram with pictures. A great visual to use with all ages. Available in English and Spanish

Dental Care Bookmark Sets

Set of six colorful bookmarks with twelve dental care messages for middle-school age kids. Topics include: Protect Your Teeth – Save Your Smile; Don’t Let Anything Destroy Your Smile; Be Teeth-Smart: Choose Snack Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth; Fight Gum Disease; 10 Warning Signs of Gum Disease; Your Smile, Tobacco and Your Teeth; Tobacco and You; Floss Daily; Brush Your Teeth and Tongue; Fluoride For Your Teeth; and So…You Don’t Want Bad Breath? Order a master copy of the set or order colored, cut bookmarks (limit 25 colored sets). Available in English and Spanish Please call 619-692-8858 to order or email us at

Dental Facts You Can’t Live Without

Features the dental mascot Baxter Beaver with some shocking facts about dental health for you and your family. One page. Available in English

Go to School with a Healthy Smile

This flyer will provide you with all the information you’ll need to make sure your child’s smile is ready to go back to school! Available in English and Spanish

Good Dental Health: Guidelines for You and Your Family

Guidelines for good dental health for children and families. Specific age-related tips, birth to 6 years and beyond. Special feature is a listing of books for children on dental health available in many local libraries. Available in English and Spanish

Healthy Teeth + Pregnant Moms = Healthy Babies

One page flyer explains why it is important for pregnant women and their baby to have healthy teeth. Easy steps listed to prevent cavities, infection and gum disease in moms, babies and children. Includes food tips. Available in English, Spanish and Somali

How to Brush like Baxter, How to Floss Like Baxter

A step-by-step instructional sheet on proper brushing and proper flossing technique using written text and actual pictures.  Illustrates: correct toothbrush placement; tips on when and how long an effective brushing session should last; basic flossing tips; and suggests alternative methods for children and those who find traditional flossing techniques somewhat challenging.

Healthy Mouth for Your Baby

Full color, 4-page booklet on how to start early to protect children’s teeth.

Photocopy-friendly PDF also available for download.