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MD Oral Health Infant Toddler Chart

Pictures and information serve as a quick reference guide to aid in the oral health assessment of infants and toddlers. The guide can be printed and laminated or placed in a sheet protector and kept in exam rooms.

Teen Dental Health Training Curriculum

The Teen Dental Health Training Curriculum is a comprehensive program with resources and tools to raise awareness and encourage healthy habits among teenagers. This curriculum includes PowerPoint presentations which are complemented by handouts, activities and quizzes addressing the following topics: good oral health, nutritious eating, eating disorders, drug awareness, and mouth guards.
The resources and tools can be taught through a multi-dimensional approach in settings where teens gather in classrooms or community programs. This information can be delivered over a span of one week, one quarter, or an entire year. Download the Teen Dental Health Training today and present a healthier tomorrow for your teens!
Teen Dental Health Training Curriculum

Oral Health Assessment Handbook and Supporting Tools

This toolkit was created to better assist in ensuring that all kindergarteners/first graders receive a dental evaluation for school entry and establish a dental home for regular dental care. Families unable to pay for a dental checkup may be eligible to receive a checkup at no or low cost and can learn more by calling the San Diego Kids Health Assurance Network at 1-800-675-2229.

Oral Health Assessment Hanbdbook

Oral Health Assessment Forms

Letters for Families

Data Collection Tools

The Magic of Going to School Coloring Book

This fun-filled coloring book introduces children to important activities that they will need to do in order to be ready to go to school. Coloring pages are photocopy ready.
The coloring book is written in both English and Spanish.

Baxter’s Activity Book: Dental Health and Nutrition

This photocopy friendly booklet is a compilation of 30 activity pages. Activities range from coloring pages for the youngest of children to math and logic puzzles for pre-teenagers. Each activity can be combined with a vocabulary, spelling, science or mathematic lesson and also carries a message about dental hygiene, oral health or nutrition. This booklet is an ideal addition to the texts, curricula and manuals of school instructors, childcare providers, outreach workers and youth activity organizations.

Available in English

Children’s Booklist

Looking for a good story to read to a child? This is a list of some children’s books available on the topics of dental health and nutrition. These books can help children learn through fun stories and can compliment a dental health or nutrition lesson. A great resource for teachers, educators, and parents. Don’t forget to check out your local library for these books.

Books listed in English and Spanish (not all books available in Spanish).

A Healthy Mouth For a Lifetime: Oral Health for Everyone

This booklet contains original art work of Baxter the Beaver and step-by-step instructions to make teaching and learning about oral health care fun for children, ages eight to twelve. Eleven 20-minute sessions can be led by volunteer youth leaders, teachers, and professionals in formal and informal settings. Fun activities are included to enforce learning concepts. Can be used with other ages, both older and younger, with modifications. Topics covered include: why it is important to take good care of your teeth, the role of bacteria in producing cavities, what happens to teeth that are not kept clean, tools for mouth care, tooth brushing techniques and practice, flossing techniques and practice, dental sealants, safety equipment and safety rules, tobacco avoidance, sugar and teeth, and food choices for healthy teeth.

Available in English

A Healthy Mouth for a Lifetime: Beyond the Basics

A Healthy Mouth for a Lifetime: Beyond the Basics supports discussion and learning activities addressing good oral health beyond the basic information in the publication, A Healthy Mouth for a Lifetime: Oral Health for Everyone. “…Beyond the Basics” includes information about topics, techniques and products that address the oral health of individuals from infancy through adulthood. It is a resource to help the educator teach intermediate-level oral health information within families and communities. In addition it can serve as a reference for the Dental Health Ambassador training program.

Available in English.

Mobile/Portable School Dental Programs

In an effort to assist school districts approached by mobile/portable dental care providers, a statewide group of dental and education professionals, including representatives from the California Dental Association, Association of California School Administrators, California Department of Health Care Services, California Department of Education, California School Board Association, Dental Health Foundation and others have developed several documents, including a one-page overview of issues to consider, a more detailed set of guidelines, and a sample memorandum of understanding.

Oral Health and Arts and Crafts

An easy-to-follow manual for instructors who work with children using arts and crafts to teach the importance of good oral health. Provides basic oral health information for the instructor and complete directions for many fun projects including paper bag puppets, clay creations and animal masks. Suitable for all ages in formal or informal learning situations. Contains reproducible original illustrations and guides for projects.

Available in English

Download (19.4 MB pdf)

Providing Sealants for Children: A Community Approach

This manual provides detailed information on how to organize a community based sealant clinic. It outlines how to get started, time lines, volunteer recruitment and scheduling, supply lists, and follow-up after the event. Charts, sample forms, and templates are provided to make developing new materials as easy as possible. Your community can use this manual to start providing preventive dental services in areas that lack or may have limited resources.

Available in English